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>Talent Management – Investing in our Future

Kingfield Electronics Limited has had a strong presence in the contract electronics manufacturing sector since 1985. Specialising in low to medium volume, high reliability, complex electronics, we offer a range of manufacturing services to some of the worlds leading companies.

Whilst a successful and growing business, we felt it appropriate to increase the levels of training and staff development via the use of a number of new training initiatives. As a result, more than 40 employees are now actively involved in the NVQ level 3 training program covering electrical and electronic engineering which encompasses a wide variety of skills, highly relevant to the daily activities which they perform.

To support this program employees are also involved in a training program to become a Certified IPC Specialist in the Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies.

Alan Oldale, Quality Manager at Kingfield stated “The primary objective of the qualifications is to contribute to the development of a skilled workforce as a whole. This is done by integrating NVQ’s into the organisations’ models for personnel and business development and recognising the competence of the people who make up the workforce at all levels”.

We believe that the end result will be a stronger team, staff morale will be further improved, and individuals will get a greater sense of satisfaction in their work.

Jim Bell consultant of Electronics Technology Services, working alongside Kingfield gives his views on the qualifications and training. “It is quite clear that for those who undertake such training, apart from reinforcing skills and experience, particularly for those who have been out of mainstream training for some time, attainment of such a qualification is a stimulant for further activity, and is a great boost to their own self confidence”. To get the training implemented has required a joint effort from Kingfield Electronics, West Nottingham College, Train to Gain and ETS. All members in this project are extremely pleased with the results so far, with half of the enrolled staff having already completed the training; it is proving to be a successful venture.

To further enhance the training program, Kingfield wanted to strengthen its links to the local community and also promote the Electronics/ Engineering market sector. This has involved extensive meetings and discussions with the local education and trade associations and Chamber of Commerce.

To launch this initiative a Summer School has been arranged whereby pupils and teachers will be visiting the Kingfield facility to introduce them to electronics manufacturing and be involved in exercises to enhance their understanding.

Sara Davis, Business Development Executive comments “We really hope that this will interest the students enough for them to think of electronics as a future career”.

Kingfield think that investing in the future of the local community is a very worthwhile exercise and one which is a vitally important part of helping the electronics industry grow stronger in the UK.

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