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Procurement & Supply Chain Management

One of the key offerings of any CEM is the ability to effectively procure and manage material. Kingfield Electronics consider its supply chain of primary importance and has long established vendors (both on-shore and off-shore) capable of supplying a wide range of commodities and services. Given our total manufacturing capabilities, this extends far beyond just PCB level parts.

Tight performance monitoring ensures our supply chain remains ‘fit-for-purpose’ and a mix of both local and global vendors ensures we can formulate the right supply chain for each specific customers requirement. This balances the requirements of cost, quality, volume, and lead-time.

Removing the need to directly manage a supply chain is high on our customers priority list, and the vast majority of our product utilises no free-issue content from the customer. Our preferred route is to source and manage material thereby leaving the customer free to maintain their focus elsewhere.

  • Extensive on-shore and off-shore supply chain
  • Tight performance monitoring ensures the supply chain is “fit-for-purpose”
  • Little or no need for customers to directly manage the sourcing activity
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