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Global supply chain

Off-Shore Sourcing

Kingfield Electronics operates in a number of high reliability market sectors where quality and reliability are of paramount importance. Its also a critical customer requirement that product cost is optimised and to that end we have a strong global supply chain in place consisting of vendors in the UK, eastern Europe, the Far East, and the United States. Our aim is to deliver suppliers which are the best-in-class for any given requirement, and to offer a cost optimised supply chain without making sacrifices to product quality.

Given our box build activities, we have developed a supply chain capable of supplying a wide range of good and services. This ranges from precision CNC machined and turned parts through fabrication, castings, plastic moldings, wound components, blank PCB’s etc.

Some key features are as follows:-

  • Extensive off-shore supply chain capabale of delivering cost-driven solutions
  • Established supply chain containing best-in-class vendors
  • Long term, established relationships with strong vendor performance controls in place
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