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Product lifecycle
management, and
information control

Engineering Support Services

Where customers have their own in-house design capabilities, there is typically a need for additional engineering support services relating to the manufacturing and sourcing activities. Kingfield Electronics has specific skills in working along side an established design team to provide additional support where required.

Typically this encompasses all areas of Design For Manufacture ( DFM ) guidance, helping to groom product ready for off-shore manufacture, looking at areas such as process FMEA ( Failure Mode Effect Analysis ), and activities such as value stream mapping and process optimisation. It also covers the New Product Introduction ( NPI ) activity, and ongoing feedback regarding process problems and process performance.

Kingfield Electronics also offers extensive document and specification management facilities as this is a key requirement for ongoing manufacture.

  • Wide ranging design support services such as DFM and FMEA
  • Process optimisation capability including process performance monitoring
  • Extensive document and specification management services
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