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Kingfield Electronics offers a wide range of services which support our manufacturing capabilities. These can either be used on their own or can be used in combination with other services to form bespoke tailored solutions.

> Product Design

Kingfield Electronics has wide range of design skills including both hardware and software design which link directly into our design for manufacture, manufacturing engineering, and rapid prototyping activities.
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> Engineering Support Services

We can offer a range of engineering services such as Design For Manufacture (DFM), process FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis), value stream mapping and process optimisation. This area also encompasses document control and product information management and data archiving.
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> Rapid Prototyping

We can offer a variety of quick turnaround assembly activities coupled with comprehensive NPI processes offering extensive feedback from the initial manufacturing activity.
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> Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Kingfield Electronics continues to develop a strong supply chain combining the best of both on-shore and off-shore vendors. These can be utilised as required to give the best overall fit for any given sourcing requirement.
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> Off-Shore Sourcing

Kingfield Electronics operates in a number of high reliability market sectors where quality and reliability are of paramount importance. Its also a critical customer requirement that product cost is optimized and to that end we have a strong global supply chain in place consisting of vendors in the UK, eastern Europe, the Far East, and the United States.
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> Direct Shipping & Logistics

The ability to ship directly to the end user draws on all facets of our capabilities, and provides the ultimate service offering to our customers. It directly supports those customers with a zero-touch manufacturing policy as it removes virtually all need for any direct involvement in the day to day management of a product.
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> Field Servicing

Much of the product we make is destined for harsh environments where damage is likely or regular servicing intervals are required. We offer a range of solutions to fully support product during service thereby relieving the need for customers to manage their own return and repair activity.
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For further information on qoutations and other related enqueries, please contact us and we will be happy discuss your requests.