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>Offshore Manufacturing supplements UK Build

U18 months ago we set ourselves the challenge of developing a business model which would give our clients access to the benefits of both a UK and offshore manufacturing model. Since then we have developed business partnerships with companies in both mainland China and Hong Kong to support our higher volume pcb assembly requirements. In addition, we have also created an international purchasing office and are now regularly sourcing castings, machined parts, pcbs and some plastics offshore. Dave Bailey, Operations Director of Kingfield states, ‘ We now have an established working global supply chain which affords us the opportunity to offer clients the most appropriate cost model for their business.

Kingfield recognised some time ago that the electronics market place was changing and decided to take control of our own destiny by putting in place an offshore capability which matched our own business objectives. After an exhaustive selection process we settled on two Asia-Pac companies which already offered manufacturing services to the aerospace and instrumentation sectors. As a result they have complimentary systems, processes and the guys who run these businesses are very experienced in our market place. The result of this capability is that we are now able to offer a complete product life cycle service, manufacturing products for our customers in the geography where it most the most commercial sense.