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PCB inspection
and test capabilities

PCB Testing & Inspection

This activity builds on our box build activity to provide complete manufacturing solutions. Not only are we capable of building individual instruments, but many of our customers applications require the build of multiple instruments, and the configuration of individual units to form systems. These are configured to the individual requirements of each contract or sales order.

Taking into account our inventory control and forecast management capabilities, we are able to build to forecast and subsequently configure and ship to order. This reduces turnaround around times, and reduces the complexity of managing the relationship between CEM and customer.

This system configuration activity paves the way for our direct shipping capabilities.

  • Ability to configure multiple items to form systems
  • Allows our output to be matched to the end user requirements
  • Reduces the complexity in high product mix scenarios
For further information on PCB testing quotations and other related enquiries, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requests.