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Low cost
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Low-Cost Manufacturing

The need to compete and remain competitive in a global marketplace is a key requirement for all of our customers. To that end we have an extensive global supply chain capable of supplying key commodities using a highly effective pricing model. In addition to this we have strategic suppliers capable of delivering supporting contract manufacturing services which supplement our own service offerings.

Typically this approach gives rise to the ability to seamlessly switch manufacturing based on factors such as quantity, cost, and lead-time. Typically we will undertake NPI, low, and medium volume assembly activities here in the UK, and when product designs are considered stable these can be migrated off-shore thus taking advantage of the advantageous pricing model.

  • Established off-shore, low-cost supply chain and strategic partners
  • Ability to seamlessly switch sourcing and manufacturing dependent on specific requirements
  • The customer deals only with Kingfield and is therefore shielded from the risks of doing business with a low cost supply chain
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