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Box Build Assembly

Box build is considered to be our core competence. As we offer the full service we require a wide range of skill sets, such as highly trained and skilled operators with a fine eye for detail and a passion for getting it right.

We have extensive experience in the field of Turnkey assembly and have the capabilities to produce a wide variety of products from delicate scientific instrumentation, to the most rugged box and panel assembly suited to the harshest of military or industrial applications.

These requirements typically encompass all of our skills from engineering support through to finished, configured products. Its also the area where we can add the most value to our customers by managing the entire manufacturing process from start to finish. This is truly that activity at which we excel.

Currently all of our box build electronics activity is UK based, however regional manufacturing in the Far East can be considered if this is a key customer requirement. Manufacturing close to the point of sale is a key consideration when considering the cost of shipping.

  • Box-build assembly is considered a core competence and key service offering
  • Wide range of box build electronics experience
  • Highly trained, technically skilled, and highly motivated production teams
  • Adds the most value for our customers
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