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>Lean Manufacturing adopted by Kingfield

Lean Manufacturing adopted by Kingfield

In recent months Kingfield has introduced 5S to its work environment. The results are there for all to see. Both existing customers and prospects have commented on the cleanliness and work flow improvements we have made to our facility.

Amanda Madden, Production Manager comments “Most people associate 5S with housekeeping but we have found it addresses a number of crucial areas, not least of which is staff morale which in turn is directly linked to improved productivity.

In recent months we have spent a lot of time and effort ensuring the production work areas are arranged ergonomically, we have started to use signage, colour and location to identify locations for tooling, materials etc and we have sorted and ultimately removed a lot of the clutter which had previously taken up valuable floor space.

As a result, our layouts are now more cellular in nature and built upon a flow concept where work is pulled through the various production stages using Kanban.

We are intending to build upon our success implementing lean by using value stream mapping to help identify further non-valued added activities to reduce and eliminate.