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>Kingfield Invest in Selective Soldering as Part of Six Sigma Quality Drive

Kingfield recently invested in a high specification selective soldering capability, as a result we now have the same or better capability as many UK based Aerospace and Defence companies.

Dave Bailey, Operations Director takes up the story,  “Soldering has come a long way since I first got involved in electronic assembly over 20 years ago. As pcb assemblies have got more complex and substrates more varied it has become even more critical to bring standardisation and repeatability to the soldering process for through hole components.

At Kingfield we decided to invest in a ‘zero’ touch strategy for those assemblies where design parameters, pcb thicknesses and pad geometries make it very difficult for the production operator to consistently achieve the standards required by our customers. Many of the products we manufacture here in Chesterfield are ‘mission critical’ complex assemblies which operate in extremely harsh environments, as a result solder joint integrity is paramount if we are to achieve the six sigma quality levels expected by our customers.

The machine we have purchased has dual track system which allows us to manufacture products with different solder alloys simultaneously, in other words two different products can be soldered at once each operating with different process settings.  This additional investment is part of a strategic plan to work towards a six sigma factory capability”.

To summarise we foresee the following benefits for our customers:-

  • Highest solder joint quality and significant reduction of DPM down to near Zero Defect
  • Shorter cycle times than in manual/robotic soldering
  • Shorter lead time as a result of a dual track transport & parallel processing
  • Ideal conditions for soldering heavy mass multilayer pcb assemblies
  • Standardisation and repeatability of the soldering process for through hole components

If you would like to know more about our selective soldering capability, please contact us on or telephone us on +44 (0)1246 451701.