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> Kingfield Electronics forges ahead with SC21 implementation

SC21 logoAfter successfully implementing of the AS-9100 aerospace quality certification in early 2010, we are now looking to continue our commitment to continuous improvement in 2011 with the implementation of the 21st century supply chain standard, SC21.

Whilst primarily aimed at customers operating in the aerospace sector, the implementation of SC21 will have far reaching benefits for all our customers by helping drive the performance of our own supply chain resulting in efficiency improvements in key areas such as lead time, cost, on-time delivery, and quality performance. SC21 focuses heavily on the implementation of continuous, sustainable improvement plans ( CSIP’s )  resulting in a the development of a lean, efficient, and value adding supply chain, with the resulting benefit of delivering increased value to the customer.

Kingfield Electronics has continued to attract market leading, high expectation customers with an increasing demand for the direct shipment of complex electronic systems directly to their own end users. From our perspective having an efficient, lean, flexible, and dependable supply chain is core requirement in being able to service the needs of our customers and with this in mind SC21 will look to build on the strong foundations we already have in place.