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>Kingfield Electronics Celebrates 25 Years in Contract Manufacturing Services


Derbyshire based contract electronics manufacturer, Kingfield Electronics, is proud to celebrate its 25th birthday this year. The company has not only grown in years, but also in size, with offerings from Kingfield now positioning the company as a leading provider of ‘Total Manufacturing Solutions’ to a range of businesses and industries.

The company, which launched in 1985, has been providing first class reliable electronics manufacturing services to a variety of market-leading, high technology companies.

As the decades have passed, the services on offer from Kingfield have gone from strength to strength. Renowned for its excellence in a variety of manufacturing, inspection, and test services, including Surface Mount Assembly and PCB Assembly, coupled with their expansion into areas such as offshore manufacturing and supply chain management, Kingfield Electronics now provides integrated total manufacturing solutions to both current and prospective customers.

Managing Director, Nick Taylor explains: “The last 18 months have proved to be challenging times for everyone. The global market place has become ever more difficult with EMS providers put under pressure to deliver increasingly flexible, quick turn-around, low cost solutions to customers operating in increasingly demanding and volatile markets. Our service offerings have enabled us not only to survive the tough economic conditions, but to actually achieve a record year in 2009/2010, and this trend looks set to continue throughout 2010/2011. To further support our service offerings we not only achieved ISO14001 Environmental Management Certification this year, but the prestigious AS9100 Aerospace Certification which underpins our increasing customer base in the Aerospace, Defence, and Military arenas. This places us alongside a handful of UK EMS which carry this certification. We actually found this a relatively easy transition given our long-established activity within the Industrial Process Control, and Scientific Instrumentation markets.”

Driving the project is Kingfield’s Quality Manager Peter Edwards who comments “In line with supporting our Aerospace and Defence sector customers, Kingfield Electronics are progressing steadily towards AS9100 accreditation. A pre-audit assessment and gap analysis has been undertaken and work is underway to implement the additional requirements of the standard and to further understand our customer expectations and needs prior to assessment in 2009. Complying with the requirements of AS9100 will further underpin our commitment to this demanding market sector”

About Kingfield Electronics
Kingfield Electronics typically works with customers requiring a One-Stop-Shop Solution to their entire manufacturing requirements. This typically begins during the initial product design phases, where Kingfield deploys its lean and low cost manufacturing strategies to be evaluated and incorporated into the client’s initial design concept. The team at Kingfield then works closely with customers throughout the new product introduction process by offering rapid prototyping capabilities with regular multi-level design and manufacturing reviews.

The Procurement Team is capable of offering Global Sourcing capabilities to provide customers with the right Supply Chain Solution to match both quality and budgetary requirements.

Unlike many other manufacturers, all initial production runs are carried out by Kingfield in the UK and then when the design has stabilized, Kingfield will look to seamlessly move this to an appropriate off-shore manufacturing partner with whom they have long term, well-established relationships.

Final box-build and product assembly services are typically carried out in the UK, and increasingly incorporate both our product configuration, and direct product shipment capabilities. This results in significantly reduced inventory holding by our customers, and virtually the entire removal of any in-house procurement, manufacturing, configuration, and logistics requirements.