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>Kingfield develops bespoke ERP solution

For most businesses an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution must form the backbone of its operation and provide a stable platform on which a business can operate successfully. After having spent a number of years researching many different products it quickly became clear that our complex business model over-stretched many of the smaller systems, yet as a business we could not justify the expense of implementing a high end solution. As a low to medium volume, high mix contract electronics manufacturer, we not only required a flexible, user friendly system, but one that wasn’t burdened by the need to customise generic modules which never quite did what we wanted them to do. So what did we do? We took the step of deciding to write an ERP solution ourselves.

Nick Taylor, Managing Director of Kingfield takes up the story, “Whilst it has taken 3 years in development, “KELplan” was officially launched in pilot form in Q4 2012 and now 6 months later all modules are live. The system touches every facet of the business from customer relationship management through to shipping and despatch. Whilst is might seem quite unusual by some to develop your own software, we took the decision based on the fact that our business has many bespoke elements for which we just couldn’t find an off the shelf solution at an affordable cost. It was also an increasing concern that using an external solution meant that we were not in full control of the “business logic” and retaining full control of this was something we felt was critical to our business. Whilst that was a difficult decision to take at the time, looking back now is was definitely the right one and we already starting to see significant benefits to the business. Perhaps of greatest importance is the ability to produce better quality information and distribute this effectively throughout the business, our customers, and our supply chain. We are really excited about where KELplan might take us in the future, as it provides a solid platform on which to grow the business over the next few years”.