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>Industry Professionals join the team

In most businesses people make the difference. In recent times Kingfield has been very fortunate to be able to attract individuals from some of the UK’s most respected electronic manufacturing companies. A number of key appointments have been made over the past 12 months with personnel of proven capability in their respective fields.

John Morris – Business Excellence Manager

As businesses grow it is sometimes easy to forget about the processes which made you what you are. At Kingfield we are making sure we build upon our strengths by focussing heavily on validating our existing processes and procedures. As a result we have engaged John Morris, former Operations Director at PSION DACOM to oversee the next stage of our development. John, a veteran of the electronics manufacturing sector is very enthusiastic about his role at Kingfield, “My role is to take a look at our current practices, listen to our customers and by building upon our established processes develop a world class business offering. This will involve the adoption of lean manufacturing techniques and further integration of our supply chain. We aim to make ourselves a ‘low maintenance’ supplier to our client base”.

Darren Dooley – Snr SMT Engineer

With a background working for Ericsson Mobile Communications manufacturing 10,000 phone pcbs per day you would think life at Kingfield would be very different for Darren Dooley at Kingfield. “Whilst the volumes are significantly lower at Kingfield the rate of churn of new products is huge. Only this week we have introduced 8 new products for one customer. This type of high mix, low volume environment continually keeps engineers like myself on our toes and makes for a very rewarding and interesting role”.

John Biggs – Finance Manager

John joins the team after having previously worked in both the public and private sectors. His previous role was as Director of Finance at the Derbyshire Chamber of Commerce, and he has also worked for companies in the civil engineering and automotive sectors. He is enthusiastic about his role at Kingfield ” I think this is a very exiting time to join the Team, Kingfield is looking to move to the next stage of it’s development and I want to play my part in ensuring it’s continued success” John will be instrumental in helping the business continue in its current phase of growth, and will ensure the business remains on a strong and stable financial foundation.