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solutions for high
reliability applications


Kingfield Electronics service a wide variety of customers operating in many different market sectors. Our core competencies reside in our ability to support customers with low and medium volume, high quality, high reliability assembly requirements.

Additionally customers with the “best fit” are those who are looking to form a long term strategic relationships with their chosen CEM partner, and need to outsource the entire product manufacturing activity. We also work with customers where a mix of on-shore and off-shore manufacturing is required to meet cost targets.

Our highly trained staff have the ability to manage high product mix scenarios where changing requirements are a constant factor. Our engineering, procurement, quality and process controls ensure a consistently defect-free product is produced time and time again.

  • Key skills within the high quality, high reliability, high mix sector
  • Extensive range of engineering, procurement, and manufacturing services
  • Highly trained, motivated, and highly skilled and experienced workforce
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