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Managing ultra-high
reliability assembly


Kingfield Electronics is an AS 9100 certified supplier and has specific capabilities available to support customers operating in both the military and commercial aerospace sectors.

We have extensive engineering support capabilities driven by a team of highly trained individuals which ensures aerospace customers are fully supported and products are built to the highest possible standard. Rigorous material traceability controls ensure materials are procured and the inventory is managed in exact accordance with the customers requirements. Our production engineers are also highly trained and have the ability to produce work of the highest level.

Typically our customers in this sector are looking for engineering support, direct utilisation of our inventory and process capabilities, product testing, conformal coating, and process verification activities.

  • High skilled people with an aerospace mindset
  • Extensive capability for managing traceability of both materials and labour to ensure compliance to customer requirements
  • Extensive engineering capability
  • AS 9100 certification
  • Active member of the Component Obsolescence Group, concerned with addressing and mitigating the effects of obsolescence
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