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>Grace Blant from Brookfield Community School, Chesterfield successfully completes her 1-week work experience at Kingfield Electronics Limited…

We would like to extend our congratulations to Grace Blant from Brookfield Community School for successfully completing her 1-week work experience with us…However the week was a far cry from the usual filing and making cups of tea experience, instead, Grace had an intensive week looking at many different aspects of the business under the expert guidance of our Managing Director, Nick Taylor.

“Work Experience can be challenging for any business, as it’s not always easy to provide a successful experience given the constraints of time and resource. We wanted however want to make sure that Grace had a positive learning experience with us, and during her time here she was able to spend time in most of the key areas of the business. She was also able to interview one of our existing customers, and was able to ask questions ranging from “How do you go about measuring your customer satisfaction?” to “How will Brexit potentially impact on your business?”. On top of this Grace received training on how to conduct herself in a job interview and what employers are looking for in potential employees, and she received some top tips on making her future business dreams come true. Just when she thought it was all over, Grace sat an exam on everything she had covered during the week ( which she passed with flying colours ), and had to give a presentation to the senior team on everything she had learned during the week.”

Hopefully Grace’s experiences this week will have helped with her business studies, and have fuelled her enthusiasm to venture into business for herself one day. Well done Grace!