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>Further AOI added to Process Control Tools

We recently bought the new MARANTZ M22XDL-350 AOI machine to supplement our automated process control strategy. Procured to operate exclusively in the SMT area, the AOI machine will be used to augment the manual inspection of complex SMT products where traditional manual inspection would be either too time consuming or inappropriate based on the complexity of the assembly.


Darren Dooley, Senior SMT Engineer enthused, “The system incorporates a totally new revolutionary lighting system in desktop AOI which uses a prism inside the lens to light objects through the lens. In this way, the lighting angle is exactly 90 degrees providing highest contrast between flat and non-flat surfaces. As a result it is capable of measuring both SMT and PTH components for presence, type, polarity, offset and component text as well as being capable of differentiating between target, acceptable and bad solder joints. It can even differentiate between up to 24 different approved alternatives of the same component so should they differ in size, shape, colour of component legend from different manufacturers these can all be taught with the minimum of disruption and false calls”.

It is our intention to network this machine into our data collection system so that we can generate real time reports to aid in process feedback as well as being able to provide substantiated report for customers by batch or product.