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>Full Turnkey Box Build – The Way Forward


Do you need your contract electronics manufacturing partner to be a full turnkey box builder?

If yes, then Kingfield may have a solution for you. At Kingfield over 80% of the pcbas we assemble are built into a finished box build assemblies. Kingfield are slightly different and possibly unique within the UK as we target securing finished product business and not just pcb assembly work. We view the pcb assembly as a sub-assembly of the main unit. We are setup to handle products ranging from lightweight small plastic enclosures to heavy duty fabricated metal boxes weighing in excess of 1000kg.

Dave Bailey, Operations Director comments, “We have built our business on making sure the client gets a finished product from Kingfield which in many cases can be sold directly to the customers’ customer. By doing this we are responsible and accountable for quality, have total ownership of the supply chain and have the critical mass and visibility to be able to manage finished good stock replenishment systems on behalf of our customers allowing them to focus on their core competencies.

As a result of our box build strategy we have developed a global supply chain for cast, machined and extruded metal parts, plastic injection mouldings, blank pcbs and other labour intensive components such as toroids and cable assemblies.

We are also not afraid of higher volume and can match most clients scaleability requirements. We have developed a ‘blended’ model where we manage each individual products lifecycle from prototype through to product withdrawal by manufacturing it in the most appropriate geography. As a result we manufacture products in the UK and in China for the same customer depending upon their volume, complexity and labour content. We have an international purchasing office based in Hong Kong which manages the offshore operation”.