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>Free China Electronics Manufacturing Services Seminar


Kingfield Electronics has been successfully trading with Chinese electronic manufacturing partners for over two years. During that time they have become integral to our supply chain culminating in us setting up an International Purchasing Office in Hong Kong.

As a result of our success we are planning on hosting a FREE one day seminar in Southampton on December 12th 2007 for those companies who would like to know more about offshore electronics manufacturing but are not quite sure what their first steps should be.

The Seminar will focus on the following:-

  • When is an electronic product suitable for Offshore manufacturing e.g. volume/complexity?
  • How would the relationship work e.g. communication, order profiles, liabilities etc?
  • Where will the materials be procured and what logistics and distribution options are open to you?
  • Is your intellectual property (IP) safe?
  • Cultural Differences – what is the reality of dealing with Chinese based companies
  • Corporate Responsibility and Ethics – can you be sure your products are not being made in sweat shops?
  • Free Trade Zones or not?
  • How to succeed in doing business with Chinese based companies