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>Focusing on Soft Issues is the way to Far East Success


Darren Dooley, Engineering Process Manager has recently returned from a trip to the far east where he carried out further process audits on our Chinese based manufacturing partners.

Darren states, “Over the past 18 months we have developed a robust audit process which ensures that our Chinese partners not only meet but exceed Kingfield’s expectations.

We have found from personal experience that a structured, regular audit programme is an absolute necessity to ensure both parties are “singing from the same hymn sheet”. Things we take for granted in the UK can be interpreted totally differently in China and vice versa. As a result, errors can be made which are totally avoidable. Therefore our audits focus not only on the hard skills i.e. Process Control, ESD, Documentation Control etc but also on the soft skills like communication, cultural differences and the interpretation of documentation/data etc. We have found from experience that nothing should be left to chance.

As a result of this approach simple errors have all but been eliminated and a greater understanding has developed between the companies which could not have otherwise been achieved through telephone, e-mail or video-conferencing alone”.

If you are interested in understanding more about our experiences of working with Chinese based companies and in particular how to make business relationships work, contact us for our FREE Guide entitled “China – Planning for Success”.