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>Factory Refurbishment Nears Completion

Our new manufacturing facility nears completion as contractors lay approximately 3000m² of Industrial Resin Static Dissipative flooring, supplied by Reepol Industrial Flooring Systems to meet the requirements of BS 61340 for floors where electronic manufacturing processes take place.

Chosen primarily for its ability to prevent a build up of static electricity, it will also provide a seamless, hygienic, hard wearing finish with excellent resistance to heavy traffic.


Operations Director Dave Bailey comments:

“Static control is integral to our core business activities, and the Reeflor EL300 A/S flooring will provide the foundation for our most ambitious Electrostatic Protected Area to date. Coupled with the use of ESD protective workstations, workwear and grounding at the point of contact, our customers can be certain that their assemblies are protected from the effects of harmful ESD at every stage of the assembly process”.


The first floor office suite is now laid to carpet, chosen to compliment the harmonious colour scheme throughout.

The suite will ultimately comprise of a 12 seat capacity boardroom, Director offices, and a huge open plan main office area (pictured opposite) with separate meeting room.