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>Factory Refurbishment Moves On A Pace

As we move into March 2014 we can reflect on several months where significant progress has been made in the refurbishment of our new factory.

Since Christmas the roof has been totally replaced, new heating and electrical systems have been installed, windows added and the first fix of the internal fit-out is now well under way.

The images to the left and below right show the walls to the Production, Purchasing and Engineering offices being erected.

The production area has been designed around lean manufacturing principles in order to minimise material flow distances, staff movement and to create a ‘visual flow’ from receipt of materials at goods-in to the despatch of finished products using a U-shaped manufacturing process flow.

During February 2014 all of the first-fix work was completed, and throughout March and into April the second fix activities will conclude with the installation of the overhead utilities trunking, putting down an ESD safe floor and completing the remaining staff facilities.

Consideration has also been given to the aesthetics of the building and a colour scheme has been selected which is both pleasing to the eye and practical.

All of the buildings’ steels have now been painted a metallic grey which together with the new internal cladding has resulted in the building taking on an airy, clean and modern appearance.

We will produce further updates as the refurbishment progresses to completion.

We are still on track to complete the refurbishment by Easter 2014 and we will then gradually begin utilising this facility as we progress through the summer months.

Managing Director Nick Taylor comments:

“This continues to be a very exciting time for everyone at Kingfield. The new facility offers some huge improvements to our existing operation, and provides a solid foundation on which to support the future growth of the Company. We have invested heavily in this expansion and have focussed in making this a world class contract electronic manufacturing facility. Everything suggests so far that we will do just that.”