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>Europlacer X-RAY installed and commisioned

Europlacer AX8200 X-RAY capabilities

Kingfield Electronics Ltd has recently installed the Europlacer AX8200 X-Ray machine.

“It is important to keep abreast of technology and the latest in-house X-Ray capability compliments the Europlacer SMT line and Selective Soldering equipment recently installed. It is great news that a UK privately owned CEM is investing in its UK technology and capability and future proofing the Electronics assembly element of its Sub-contracting business.”

“The AX8200 is designed to provide high resolution x-ray imaging primarily for the electronics industry. This versatile system is effective for many applications within the PCB manufacturing process. This includes BGA, CSP, QFN, Flip Chip, COB and the wide range of SMT components. The AX-8200 is a powerful support tool for process development, process monitoring and refinement of the rework operation”.








The benefits and capabilities of the AX8200 X-Ray

  • BGA bridging: Excellent
  • BGA voids: Excellent (measure using BGA void/area software)
  • BGA opens: Excellent (requires PCB tilt ~ 65-70°)
  • BGA excessive/insufficient: Excellent (measure using BGA void/area software)
  • CSP bridging: Excellent (requires ~ 100X magnification)
  • CSP voids: Excellent (requires ~ 100X magnification)
  • CSP opens: Excellent (requires PCB tilt ~ 70°)
  • CSP excessive/insufficient: Excellent (requires ~ 100X magnification)
  • Flip Chip bridging: Excellent (requires ~ 200X magnification)
  • Flip Chip voids: Excellent (measure using BGA void/area software)
  • Flip Chip opens: Good (requires PCB tilt ~ 70° ~ 300X mag.)
  • Flip Chip excessive/insufficient: Excellent (requires ~ 200X magnification)
  • QFN bridging & voids: Excellent (measure using QFN void/area software)
  • QFP opens: Excellent (requires ~ 150X magnification/PCB tilt ~ 45-50°)
  • SMT chip component attach: Excellent

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