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>EMS Provider makes UK Centre of Excellence


Kingfield Electronics Ltd has made its UK facility in Chesterfield a centre of excellence for mission critical, high reliability electronics.

Dave Bailey, Operations Director explains, “Some three years ago we recognised that the globalisation of the EMS market would mean our offering in the UK would need to change. The ability of both Eastern European and Asian EMS providers to compete with their UK counterparts on price meant a strategy review was in order. That’s why we put our own offshore manufacturing offering place with our Chinese partners three years ago. This part of our business has now grown to a point where we now offer our customers the opportunity to build their products in the geographic region of their choice.

In addition it has meant that our UK EMS solution has changed and it now focuses more heavily than before on ‘niche’, low to medium volume, high reliability electronics typified by the instrumentation, aerospace and defence sectors. In essence, we have created a ‘centre of excellence’ in the UK for manufacturing these types of projects.

Typically our clients have very specific requirements of their EMS provider with regards to build quality, technical specification and input into the product design. This requires us to be involved at a much earlier stage in the project working with both product designers and engineers alike. As a result of this we are able to save project time, cost and help improve the long term reliability of the product”.