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>Do you need Full Service Manufacturing?


What is full service manufacturing? As the electronic manufacturing service market has evolved over the past 30-40 years so have customers expectations and requirements and with it, the definition of full service manufacturing.

First came the manufacturing of PCB assemblies using free issue components, then the testing of these assemblies using components the CEM had procured. This was closely followed by assembling of PCB assemblies into ‘boxes’ and then the dispatch of the finished goods to global destinations. Does the journey end here?

No, Kingfield has now taken it a stage further. We have now developed our own software to manage the after sales activities comprised of warranty returns, lifetime upgrades and refurbishments.

Nick Taylor, Managing Directors takes up the story, “We manufacture a wide range of electronic instrumentation for one of our customers. These instruments operate in a highly corrosive, harsh environment which often necessitates each unit being refurbished several times during its lifetime.

Our customer needed to be able to manage the movement of these units from its installed base through the refurbishment process and back out into the field whilst capturing all of the returns/repair data. As a result, we developed a real time database system with a user friendly interface which is capable of reporting on units awaiting appraisal, those in the refurbishment loop and the expected deliveries dates of these returns.

This has proven to be a valuable aid in the process and has cut out a lot of the non-value adding activities associated with the returns handling process allowing us to focus on the customers’ key requirement – that of getting the units back to them on a timely basis.