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Archive for November, 2007

Full Turnkey Box Build – The Way Forward

Do you need your contract electronics manufacturing partner to be a full turnkey box builder? If yes, then Kingfield may have a solution for you. At Kingfield over 80% of the pcbas we assemble are built into a finished box build assemblies. Kingfield are slightly different and possibly unique within the UK as we target [...] >> Read More

‘Fit’ is everything for Aerospace and Defence Customers

Why does Kingfield Electronics have a growing number of clients from the Aerospace and Defence sector? If you ask Peter Edwards, QA Manager at Kingfield he will tell you, “Because we care about each product with a passion and we have the required attention to detail. We take a lot of time out in the [...] >> Read More

Free China Electronics Manufacturing Services Seminar

Kingfield Electronics has been successfully trading with Chinese electronic manufacturing partners for over two years. During that time they have become integral to our supply chain culminating in us setting up an International Purchasing Office in Hong Kong. As a result of our success we are planning on hosting a FREE one day seminar in [...] >> Read More