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Archive for July, 2007

Do you need Full Service Manufacturing?

What is full service manufacturing? As the electronic manufacturing service market has evolved over the past 30-40 years so have customers expectations and requirements and with it, the definition of full service manufacturing. First came the manufacturing of PCB assemblies using free issue components, then the testing of these assemblies using components the CEM had [...] >> Read More

Kingfield continues to grow

Kingfield Electronics has grown profitably in the last quarter at a faster rate that in any other quarter of its previous 22 year trading history. Nick Taylor, Managing Director comments, “We are absolutely delighted with the latest results. They have been brought about by a combination of factors, not least of which is our ability [...] >> Read More

Blended Model

In addition, the introduction of a more focussed marketing campaign has led to a number of very positive opportunities which will form part of our future development in 2008 and beyond. The introduction of our ‘blended’ model about 18 months ago has also given our customers the ability to choose where product is manufactured in [...] >> Read More